• White Vein Kratom – Borneo


    White Vein Kratom

    White Vein Borneo is a very versatile strain of white vein kratom. Great for days you just want to relax and chill out. Another strain that hails from the Indonesian island of Borneo, this white vein kratom has been a favourite among locals for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. With an excellent ratio of alkaloids this is a strain that is not to be missed. Although White Vein Borneo is a fast/moderate strain of Kratom, some find it has a very calming effect on mood with a lot of good pro-social effects.

    White Vein Borneo is an excellent addition to a growing Kratom stack and should be used once a week to avoid any tolerance issues. It has quite an aroma and would have to be in our top 5 kratom strains. Slightly slower than Maeng Da when used in the correct dose it is a strain that will not disappoint.

    Coastline Kratom delivers a fantastic powdered version of white vein kratom. Very finely ground and quite a delicious taste to the avid Kratom user. It has excellent mood enhancing capabilities with a nice euphoria to boot. This is not a strain for pain relief if thats what your after, but its a very stimulating leaf and a very enjoyable overall experience.

    As always Kratom should be respected and treated as any other substance. Kratom can be a great addition to your lifestyle, with its amazing benefits and motivating effects it can have drastic effects on how well you live your life. But with everything that has upsides, downsides are always inevitable.

    Be cautious of nausea, constipation and addiction. While we haven’t seen many of these effects ourselves, people who are prone to these sorts of side effects should treat Kratom with care and caution. If you have any sorts of queries regarding Kratom and its side effects please do not hesitate to contact us here.

    If you would like some information on how to prepare White Vein Borneo better check out our awesome article on How To Prepare Kratom. The preparation of Kratom can be the difference of feeling nothing and getting the full effects of this magical leaf. We always boil our Kratom and drink it as a delicious tea.

    Most people get used to the taste after a few weeks, so long as they are using it with honey and lemon. I personally have had some absolute nightmares with Toss and Wash, inhaling about 4 grams of the 8 grams I tried to toss and wash did not make for a pretty experience. My girlfriend genuinely thought I was dying from coughing so much.

    While Toss and Wash can be a very very effective method, it doesn’t seem like a natural way to take Kratom which is why we here at Luv Kratom much prefer to drink the White Vein Kratom as tea.

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