• Maeng Da


    Maeng Da Kratom

    As Kratom’s popularity rises, so too does one particular strain, and it is not hard to understand why. Maeng Da is famous for its consistent potency and effects amongst avid Kratom users.

    Maeng Da is probably one of, if not, the best strains that Kratom has to offer. It has an excellent aroma, and most people will feel the effects quite quickly after burning. Maeng Da means “pimp” in Thai and is a very popular leaf with the locals and is known to be a Thai delicacy.

    Its important that you remember that not all Maeng Da is created equal. A lot of the leaf was harvested years ago and is not fresh. Thats why we usually purchase from Coastline as the Kratom is always fresh so your getting the most bang for your buck. Maeng Da is from Thailand and is very popular with the locals. Many of them chew their Kratom to help with long, strenuous days at work. Maeng Da is a great energising strain in the lower doses, while we see some of the more popular euphoria mostly associated with Kratom in the higher doses.

    Good Maeng Da should be ground a few times over to remove leaf and stem which is sometimes not considered “user-friendly.” We see a very nice mix of stimulating and euphoric effects with this strain which is great for most users. Some users report that Maeng Da is the only strain that works for them and we have some on the team who report the same. It is important that you include Maeng Da in an order to see how it compares to other lesser strength strains. Maeng Da can be mixed with other strains if they find the effects too stimulating.


    Coastline Maeng Da is a genetically enhanced variation of the Mitragyna Speciosa Thai Kratom tree, it is known for having a higher alkaloid content than its more common counterpart. Most people notice an increase in concentration, motivation and euphoria with this strain. Normal dosing procedures apply. 3-4 grams for inexperienced users, and 5-6 grams for moderate-frequent users.

    We recommend not using too much of this strain if you do not need much from other strains, this can cause nausea in large quantities so it is important not to over do it. We don’t recommend using Maeng Da to alleviate stress, or anxiety as some of the side effects can be similar to those of caffeine such as jitteriness, irritable, and anxiety.

    While these side effects are few and far between, it is important to remember that starting small and working your way up can be the best way to do it, not just with Maeng Da, but with all Kratom strains.

    Maeng Da is my favourite strain by far, but when it comes time to chill out and relax before bed, I usually go for a slower burning strain such as Red vein as linked below.  First thing in the morning as you jump out of bed, Maeng Da can work wonders for kick starting your day off right!

    We recommend trying this strain with Red Vein Borneo