• Kratom’s Medicinal Value

    Does Kratom Hold Medicinal Values?

    Over the past few years, the media have been reporting on Kratom and as usual it hasn’t been good. The media these days fails to do any research on topics that involves drugs and even politics it seems.This is a website on Kratom, so lets keep it that way. A statement was released stating “Kratom has not been found to carry any medicinal value.” Is this true though?

    We found quite a few studies that said the opposite, not only that, but Kratom has been a staple medicinal herb in many Asian countries for thousands of years. A quick Google search will pull up over 10 different research papers on the plant over the last 30 years.

    Acute and long-term effects of alkaloid extract of Mitragyna Speciosa on food and water intake and body weight in rats

    One paper listed, spoke of the effect on weight loss and Kratom’s potential abilities to curb hunger. The study showed a significant decrease in hunger and overall decrease in food and water intake in rats (dose dependent).

    Another study done in 1932 by Cambridge University by K.S Grewal has shown Kratom to be an excellent central nervous system stimulant. Anything that stimulates your CNS will have appetite curbing properties, other CNS stimulants, are drugs like caffeine, which would be found in Coffee. Let us not forget that Kratom is a member of the Coffee family.kratom medicinal

    The interesting part of the study, however, was that Kratom did curb appetite but what it didn’t do, like other CNS stimulants, like coffee, was raise blood pressure. This is quite a find regarding weight loss aids. People who are looking to lose weight usually have a problem with high blood pressure, add to that, the CNS stimulant weight loss supplements, that overweight people are all constantly adding to their diets and you have a recipe for disaster. With Kratom, there is no elevated BP levels, hence a much wiser option. In fact, Kratom has been known to actually reduce BP.

    Ethnopharmacology of Kratom and the Mitragyna Alkaloids

    This study by Karl L.R Jansen and Colin J. Prast at the University of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand dates back quite a long time ago in 1988. Results were listed from several studies, done in the 19th and 20th centuries. A study from E. Macko in 1972, he found Kratom to be comparable with certain analgesics such as codeine for pain and as a cough suppressant in a study on dogs.

    What is most surprising however is how dangerous the media are at reporting issues. We see millions of opiates prescribed each year, but media outlets are throwing out article after article saying how Kratom is a “Deadly respiratory depressant.” Again we see these countless false articles touted by the media almost on the daily. Only a few have actually gone and become lab rats of their own and decided for themselves. This is the sort of journalistic endeavor that should be rewarded, not writing up false information bias with a complete lack of research.green-indo

    Finally on this study in particular, what they found in the dogs was that the Kratom had little to no toxicity when compared to other analgesics such as Codeine, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. As stated in the point above, Kratom had little to no effect on the blood pressure of the dogs tested.

    Pharmacological Studies on 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Isolated from the Thai Herbal Medicine Mitragyna Speciosa

    In the last of the studies mentioned it is important to remember what this article means. It is to find out if there are potential medicinal values for Kratom in day to day life, be it in a medicinal setting, or an at home homeopathic setting. Lets dig in:

    In 2006 a study was conducted by a man called Kenjiro Matsumoto, the title of the paper “Discovery of an Orally Active Opioid Analgesic.” The paper sought to compare the differences between Kratom and Mitragynine on their own. It was concluded that Kratom itself had a more powerful pain relieving (analgesic effect) than Mitragynine on its own. This would conclude that there are altenate alkaloids within Kratom that would give the Mitragyna Speciosa its powerful analgesic properties. Matsumoto also gathered that the isolated alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine was found to be 17 times more powerful than morphine, a staggering result. One that should not be ignored and in fact, should be celebrated. Here we have found a pain killer in lamens terms that is 17 times more powerful than its incredibly addictive distant second cousin. One that is less dangerous, has less addictive properties and is all natural. This alkaloid only accounts for 2% of the Kratom plant. This is a lot of proof that Kratom has some very very good medicinal properties and holds a lot of weight in a medicinal setting.

    Kratom in the Media

    Over the past few months, with the Trump campaign, Brexit and many other politically heated topics around, that the media has failed to do any due process on a lot of topics. This ignorance is not only stupid, its actually dangerous and harmful. It is so easy to pick up a paper and read a story and believe it without doing any research of our own. In this case, the media has decided to not only do any due diligence on the article they have written, but have completely negated any positives that may be carried by a plant such as Kratom.

    In summary, don’t believe all the garbage in the media these days, from the three studies listed above, we can see that Kratom not only holds some medicinal value but the value that it holds are exceptional and should not be ignored.


  • Levon Walters

    Kratom has great anti depressant effects as well. I personally use it for Depression and Anxiety and it has helped more than any prescription drug ever has with out all the negative side effects.

  • Eddie Dubois

    Helped me with my addiction issues. Ive been clean ever since using kratom. depression and anxiety also diminished to pretty much zero. Pharma’s cause all kinds of problems for me. Kratom helps in so many ways and I don’t feel the need to gun down an entire school or movie theatre (ahem SSRIs).

  • JohnJoeJiles

    Its a great plant with some awesome benefits, I have to say its changed my life for the better!