• Kratom Effects

    Kratom Effects


    Kratom is a wonderful plant. It has many different positive effects on the mind and the body. It is completely natural and grows in Asia meaning that when you buy pure leaf or powder all you are buying is pure plant matter. This plant matter contains many different alkaloids which have an array of different effects on both mind and body.

    Kratom has been gaining momentum in the media as of recently but not in a positive light. Unfortunately, the media and others have been branding Kratom as evil, a drug so to speak. This just isn’t true and is completely unfounded. I got in a heated debate with a famous US news reporter before over just this. He was claiming all the studies pointed to the fact that Kratom was causing suicidal tendencies and other crap which is complete nonsense. You can view my other article on this here. I was pleased with the outcome of my debate with this news reporter as I had managed to get through to him somewhat, linking him various different articles and studies to point out how positive Kratom can be to a person’s well-being. In light of this, he pointed out the positive effects of Kratom in the report as well as the negative, so it wasn’t all bad.

    I will try and outline some of the Kratom effects but as a whole it is difficult to say as each different strain will bring with it different effects.


    My number one reason I take Kratom. It is an amazing feeling when you feel the motivation kick in. Sometimes you don’t feel it, you just find yourself getting to work doing the things you need to do.


    While I don’t get much euphoria from Kratom, many users report it in higher doses. I only take between 5-8 grams a day so I don’t feel this effect as much as others may.

    Pro Social Behaviour:

    Anyone who suffers poorly in social situations may benefit from Kratom for this reason. I don’t suffer badly from social anxiety myself, but I have noticed that Kratom enhances my social behaviour positively and I can only imagine how good it would be for people who do suffer from SA.

    Anti Anxiety:

    Many users report a feeling of relaxation and a feeling of calm wash over them as the tea kicks in. I can definitely vouch for this. Alcohol has sometimes made me anxious the next day and one cup of Kratom fixes that perfectly. So people who suffer from Anxiety should definitely give this a try.

    Sense of Well Being:

    One of my favourite reasons to take Kratom is the sense of well being and everything in life is great mindset. Life is too short to be worrying all the time, Kratom effects will fix that right if you are a worrier. I have also found my quality of life has improved drastically due to this. I do not worry as much anymore and am less stressed out.



    Kratom can have some constipation issues which are few and far between. I have an article on how to prepare Kratom the right way to help avoid this as much as possible. You can read that here.


    Tolerance issues can happen if your strains are not rotated. This is the case for me anyway, I think its important to have at least four different strains at the very minimum, taking a different strain each day.

    Addiction Potential

    I wasn’t going to put this here as I have never had any addiction to Kratom. I have taken it every day for weeks on end and then stopped abruptly for weeks on end without any undesired side effects or cravings. But everyone is different so I would like to err on the side of caution on this one as it may be different for some people.



    Like everything else in this funny little world we live in, Kratom too has positive side effects and negative side effects. You can clearly see that the  positives outweigh the cons. I Luv Kratom as it has increased my quality of life for the better. For those Monday morning blues when I need a kick up the arse for motivation, a nice hot cup of Kratom will be there for me when I need it most.