• Kratom Capsules

    Kratom Capsules

    With Kratom tea and powder being quite a distasteful substance, many users are turning to Kratom Capsules for a much easier way to ingest the plant matter. One thing I have found though is that filling the capsules can be time consuming. You can buy empty capsules from Amazon for a few bucks. Once you have the capsules you have the tedious job of filling each of the capsules with Kratom.


    When we went about doing this, we just decided to go ahead and buy our capsules from Kratom Capsules. We got to do two things here, we got to try out some new Kratom from a new supplier and to rate the effectiveness of Kratom in pill form. The result was a positive one on both sides. Kratom Capsules is a decent supplier of Kratom, and they even threw in some free Kratom Capsules as a bonus.

    The Kratom itself was a nice and strong Maeng Da, you can order this from here if you want to try them out. Very energetic and motivating Kratom. I must admit, it was nice to just swallow a couple of pills instead of brewing the tea which usually takes between 30-45 minutes to do.

    Kratom Capsules seem to be doing something right as they have some pretty stellar reviews online, which is another reason we decided to give them a try.

    Capsules Vs Tea

    I must admit that I was rather impressed by the effectiveness of swallowing the capsules. It hit me quick and I got a very very nice euphoric buzz from it. This was obviously down to two things, the quality of the Kratom and effectiveness of swallowing the Kratom whole.

    Previously my attempts at swallowing the plant matter were met with disappointment. I never really got a good strong effect from toss and wash, just a nausea feeling that was rather unpleasant. This time however I got none of that. I am not sure as to the reason but I will be considering using capsules more often now as they are a quick and efficient means of ingesting the Kratom.

    Making the tea can be bothersome, especially on days when you are in a hurry and need a quick pick me up.

    Kratom Capsules Summary

    My summary of Kratom Capsules.com is a good one. They supply a very nice, fresh Kratom that is hard to come by online these days. They are very cheap too with 50 capsules only costing around 26 dollars. This is much lower than the usual 35-40 bucks you can pay online for some half decent Kratom.

    We would definitely recommend trying this vendor out, the shipping was quick and discreet and came in nice packaging. The guys had dispatched the Kratom within hours of us placing the order. In summary, Kratom Capsules are a quick and easy way to ingest Kratom. Sometimes the taste of Kratom for some people is unbearable which is a real shame and puts people off it. This IS the solution to this and we wholeheartedly recommend giving them a try!