• Java Indo

    Java Indo


    Java Indo or Magic Hippo as our friends over at Happy Hippo Herbals like to call it is an extremely rare strain of Kratom that is quite hard to find. It has an excellent blend of alkaloids and only grows in the west of Indonesia. It would most likely be one of the best and fastest growing strains of Kratom if it were more widely available.

    It has incredible euphoria and has little to no effect on energy which makes it a great choice for the evening time in moderate doses. With this Kratom there is plenty of motivation to get things done, which is one the most important aspects of Kratom in my opinion. The motivation on Java Indo is second to none, making it a perfect strain for wanting to work or get things done.

    You will experience an almost instant effect on mood. An amazing strain for elevating your current state and getting happy. We recommend trying out a low to moderate dose to begin with, around 3-4 grams. We prefer to simmer it with a litre of water for thirty minutes with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to help extract the alkaloids. Once finished, strain the powder, pop it back in the pot and repeat the process. Combine the two boiled Kratom liquid into a safe container. Pour yourself a nice cup and add some honey to taste.

    We have tried mixing this with Maeng Da with some amazing results.

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