• Green Malay

    Green Malay


    Green Malay is one of the better Kratom out there in my opinion. It has its own unique characteristics which set it apart from others. A strain which is very like Maeng Da but slightly less euphoric for me personally. I love Green Malay as it has a fantastic taste to it and has great pro-social effects on mood. It is not without its faults though, Green Malay is one strain of Kratom which can make me feel nauseous. I think this is definitely more prevalent with this Kratom as opposed to others.

    This is a Kratom that has to be taken a few times before you will find your sweet spot. I know this is similar with all other Kratom but with Green Malay I feel that even a gram can be the difference between energising and sedating. So use caution when trying out this strain.


    Green Malay comes from Malaysia obviously and is quite a popular strain among Kratom enthusiasts. The effects from Green Malay are extensive which is great. Anywhere from 6-7 hours for me personally on a 5 gram dose would set me up for the day nicely. Anyone looking to try a new strain that has no experience with this strain yet should give it a try as it has the potential to be in the top shelf Kratom categories due its longer lasting effects.

    When we take it at a slightly higher dose we get a very nice calming effect, there is almost no anxiety potential with this strain for me personally and I would go as far to say that it is one of my favourite strains of Kratom.






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