• Super Green Indo Kratom

    Green Indo Kratom


    Green Indo Kratom is an excellent strain of Kratom as it has amazing medicinal properties like relaxation, anti anxiety effects and an overall sense of well being. When I tried this strain personally, I found it to be very stimulating. Green strains tend to have this effect on me so if you are part of that group of users get ready for some nice stimulation.

    An excellent choice pre workout for me, quite like Maeng Da but slightly slower and less intense. I have used this in the morning times for a perfect pick me up if I’m not in the caffeine mood and it does the job just right without the jitters that you get from coffee.

    If you are using this strain pre workout, use it about 40 minutes before your workout to allow the effects to set in and give you that bolt of energy you need!

    I like to prepare my Super Green Indo Kratom by boiling it in a litre of water for 30 minutes with some lemon juice, and a drop of honey in my cup. This is an excellent addition to any day. An amazing strain for when your feeling down and you need something up lifting. There is definitely euphoria with this strain so be careful if you are driving whilst using it.

    Super Green Indo is in a nutshell an excellent addition to a Kratom stack. Kratom should be rotated and used in moderation to avoid any tolerance issues. Like other Kratom strains there are reports of nausea and addictive qualities so its important to keep an eye on this as use progresses. Pick a dose that works for you and stick to that dose.

    If you are finding that your dose isn’t as effective as it once was, pear back your use and stop using for a week or two, or limit use to once a week until your dose is back to its effectiveness. This decreases the chances of you starting to use more than once per day and upping your usual dose.

    The other benefits to this are that you are limiting the chances that you will start to feel nauseas while using Kratom. If you are finding that making tea isn’t effective for you, you can start using capsules. We have a great article on our review of Kratom Capsules. This is a fantastic article on how varying method of ingestion can have different effects on different people.

    We would also recommend experimenting with this, for us tea is our favourite, but for others Toss and Wash, Capsules and even mixing with fruit juices can be a great way to get your Kratom in. As always, use Kratom with the respect it deserves and you will only have excellent things to say about it. Our aim is to promote healthy, safe and efficient use of this great plant so that it can continue to be a great addition to peoples lives in the way it has ours.

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