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White vein Kratom is famous for its more chilled out, relaxed aromas. There are more uplifting Kratom in the white vein category such as White-vein borneo or known as White Hippo. We see a good mix of slow relaxed effects and energising at the same time which is quite unique to this strain. White vein kratom is an excellent addition to a broad stack of Kratom as it is great for almost any occasion.

You can expect plenty of motivation with this vein, so if you need to get some things done, burning some White Vein Kratom can be a great help. Happy Hippo Herbals have a great selection of strains so be sure to check out our website for a good in depth on what to expect from each strain you’ll find there.

White Vein Kratom can take a while to kick in, so be sure not to re-dose before you give it a chance to reach its desired effects.