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Malay Kratom hails from the beautiful country of Malaysia. A country very popular for its incredible variation of different kratom strains, Malaysia brings us some of the finest Kratom available today. Malay Kratom is very uplifting and energising. Some of the better strains from Malay include Malaysian Hippo or Green Malaysian Kratom. An incredibly euphoric Kratom at higher doses but very energising in lower doses.

We recommend trying around 3-4 grams if you are less experienced with this strain when burning for the first time. An inexpensive strain, Green Malay has many benefits including but not limited to: Motivation, Pro-Social Behaviour and Energising.

Happy Hippo Herbals carry some of the best Kratom on the web today, with cheap prices, their Green Malaysian is probably in our top 3 favourite strains due the low cost and amazing effects attached to this strain.

  • Green Malay

    Posted on March 28, 2015 by admin in Green Vein Kratom, Malay Kratom.

    Green Malay Green Malay is one of the better Kratom out there in my opinion. It has its own unique characteristics which set it apart from others. A strain which is very like Maeng Da but slightly less euphoric for me personally. I love Green Malay as it has a fantastic taste to it and has great pro-social […]

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