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This fantastic little category is dedicated to cooking and brewing Kratom. Brewing Kratom is a simple process but can take a few times to get right before you master it. Kratom can be a very bitter leaf and tea so we try and get you some of the easiest ways to drink and consume it. It can also be a little bit hard on the stomach as Kratom leaf isn’t water soluble. Although we love Kratom we try and teach people that not all methods work for everyone. Many of our staff here do the regular toss and wash method while some of us like to drink it as a nice cup of tea.

For overall results we do however recommend boiling it and consuming it as a tea as it is less harsh on the stomach and results are very consistent as opposed to the normal toss and wash. Toss and wash can leave the powder sitting at the bottom of your stomach which can lead to constipation and other unwanted side effects like nausea. This may not be the case for you, so you do whatever you think is best.

Remember, Kratom is an acquired taste, like beer, guinness and some other drinks. Once you drink it regularly you will begin to enjoy the taste of it like any other tea.

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    Kratom Capsules

    Posted on February 15, 2016 by admin in Bali Kratom, Blog, Brewing and Cooking, Thai Kratom.

    Kratom Capsules With Kratom tea and powder being quite a distasteful substance, many users are turning to Kratom Capsules for a much easier way to ingest the plant matter. One thing I have found though is that filling the capsules can be time consuming. You can buy empty capsules from Amazon for a few bucks. Once […]

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  • How to prepare Kratom

    Posted on March 28, 2015 by admin in Brewing and Cooking.

    How to prepare Kratom Learning how to prepare Kratom is actually a simple process. I must say that I think boiling it is one of the only ways to get consistent results with it, I have found we only need a few things and were on our way to preparing this amazing tea. What you’ll need: […]

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