• Bali Kratom

    Bali Kratom – Strain


    Bali Kratom is an absolute favourite of mine as it packs a punch, and is inexpensive compared to some of the other strains out there. I find it extremely beneficial to use when I am getting a bit stressed out and it will just completely alter my mood for the better. Whenever I’m feeling like I need a good kick in the ass motivation wise, I’ll add 5-6 grams to a saucepan and brew myself some nice Bali Kratom.

    Where its from

    Bali Kratom hails from the wonderful country of Indonesia. Bali is a small island where people use it daily for energy. Bali is a fantastic country and Kratom is an economy boosting leaf. Its country is famous for its high quality green leaf Kratom which is notorious for its fine flavour and motivating, pro social effects.

    With Indonesia being one of the world’s biggest Kratom exporters its no wonder that its a Kratom users favourite. Some of Coastline’s freshest leaf Kratom is Bali Kratom so be sure to give them a shout.

    A quick search on Kratom will bring up many results on Indonesia, other indonesian strains include Green Indo Kratom. Next to Maeng Da from Thailand, Super Green Indo is probably one of the better Kratom Strains with Bali. As a Kratom newbie, a nice mix of different Indonesian Kratom would be a great starter pack. The best starter pack we can recommend would this one!


    Its excellent for Anxiety, Mood, Motivation and just in general to relax. For the price Bali is an excellent choice for beginners or people who just want to test the water with it. Again, this is a strain that requires only a small amount while burning. I have mixed Bali Kratom with Maeng Da and had profound effects on Mood and Motivation. I go to the gym sometimes while using Kratom and that mixture is an excellent one to try. I don’t recommend mixing Kratom a lot as it can have effects on tolerance for some people.

    I personally never have any effects on tolerance when burning the same strain a few days in a row but I would still advise against it unless it is absolutely necessary. Again, like any strain, pop your desired amount into a pot, boil for 30 minutes, strain, add honey and lemon and enjoy! You can read more about how to brew Kratom here.