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  • Kratom’s Medicinal Value

    Does Kratom Hold Medicinal Values?
    Over the past few years, the media have been reporting on Kratom and as usual it hasn’t been good. The media these days fails to do any research on topics that involves drugs and even politics […]

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  • Kratom Withdrawal

    Kratom Withdrawal in Addicted Users
    Like anything in life, when used too much Kratom can have adverse effects on the human body and mind. Kratom Withdrawal is a real thing and needs to be taken seriously by sufferers and friends and […]

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  • Kratom Capsules

    Kratom Capsules
    With Kratom tea and powder being quite a distasteful substance, many users are turning to Kratom Capsules for a much easier way to ingest the plant matter. One thing I have found though is that filling the capsules can […]

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